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  • Convertible Form Factor

    Detach the battery cradle for enhanced portability.

  • Vivid Passthrough.

    Blend physical & virtul worlds. Expand play. New possibilities.

  • Lightweight XR.

    A sleek, compact headset that goes where you go.

  • Finely tuned viewing.

    Adjustable IPD and diopter dials for the most nutral and clearset visual experience

  • Beyond standalone VR.

    High-octane PC VR gaming through wireless streaming.

  • Depth-sensing precision.

    Accurate tracking and spatial awareness in varied light conditions.

  • Your VIVERSE Portal.

    Enter VIVERSE as soon as you put on the headset, and get ready for immersive advantures.

  • Balanced and clear

    Powerful speakers deliver crisp, immersive audio.


7,750.00 ₪Price
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